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Why Use Patrick's 4 Seasons Termidor / Baiting Protection Plan?

1- Most termite companies offer either liquid treatments or baiting services. Patrick's utilizes both treatments for your total peace of mind.

2- TERMIDOR is the most tested termidicide in history.

3- TERMIDOR provides 100% control within 3 months for 5 years.

4- No need for excessive drilling like all other termidicides used today.

5- Patrick's Termite Baiting Systems are placed strategically around your home to monitor the property. (Termite Alarm System)

6- Quarterly Monitoring to insure 100% control. (NO EXCUSES)

7- $500,000.00 Total retreat and repair Guarantee to the structure and the content. (i.e.: furniture and cabinets.)

8- The Patrick's Termite Bond is fully transferable to new homeowners. (Great selling point.)

9- Option for nominal investment with the Patrick's Tent-Free Protection to include other wood destroying insects. (Drywood Termites, Powder Post Beetles, Old House Borers).

10- Special discounts for Patrick's 4 Seasons Pest Service. (Ants, roaches, wasps, etc.).

11- Be protected by one of Florida's fastest growing Termite companies.

Drywood termite galleries

Drywood termites live in dry (usually <12% moisture), sound wood and derive their moisture requirements from the wood they consume. Infestations can occur in structural timbers in buildings, pieces of furniture, flooring, doors and doorframes, window trim, wooden picture frames, and other >isolated pieces of wood. Their colonies are relatively small, with a few thousand members lacking the true worker caste, and there are often multiple colonies in the same structure.

Drywood termites do not need a connection to soil and there is no soil in their feeding galleries. They do not build mud tunnels; they construct large, irregular galleries that run across and with the wood grain, with a very smooth, clean, and sandpaper-like appearance. The galleries are connected by openings small enough for one termite to pass through. The sure sign of drywood termite feeding is their fecal pellets that are ejected from the galleries via kickout holes, often found right below the damaged wood. These pellets are quite distinctive, and are hard, elongate-oval with rounded ends, and have six concave sides.


Many termite bait/monitoring systems work by recruitment, which means termites eat the bait and return to the colony to recruit others to eat the bait. However, this process cannot begin until activity is identified in a monitoring station. Bait/ monitoring systems can take months to years to control a colony. Termidor provides 100% control in three months or less. To learn more about how Termidor compares to bait/monitoring systems - some of which use recruitment to control termites - consult the easy-to-follow pictorial guide below.